Postconviction Relief for the Florida Prisoner is a compilation of articles, written by Loren Rhoton, that were originally published in Florida Prison Legal Perspectives. Mr. Rhoton has drawn on his research and many years of postconviction/appellate experience to compile helpful insights, relevant legal authorities, and general advice to assist Florida inmates in understanding the Florida postconviction process. The articles in Mr. Rhoton’s book are targeted toward laypersons in an effort to help pro se postconviction litigants understand both the procedural and substantive aspects of the Florida postconviction processes.

Postconviction Relief for the Florida Prisoner addresses the full range of the postconviction process, all of the way from the filing of the initial postconviction motions and through the ensuing appeals. Postconviction Relief for the Florida Prisoner deals with issues of legality of sentences, clemency, resentencing, belated appeals, judicial estoppel, public records requests, and more. The book further provides helpful advice regarding the filing of federal habeas corpus petitions and the appeal of said petitions.

Postconviction Relief for the Florida Prisoner is an informative resource for pro se postconviction petitioners who cannot afford the assistance of counsel. The book also is instructive for those who are already involved in the postconviction process or are considering pursuing postconviction relief. 


The formbook is a companion to  Postconviction Relief for the Florida Prisoner.  While Postconviction Relief for the Florida Prisoner addresses substantive postconviction issues, the formbook provides practical examples of how to present postconviction motions. The formbook contains sample pleadings for the most common postconviction actions in the state of Florida and is an indispensable tool for the pro se postconviction litigant.

The formbook is sold on Amazon and other online outlets for $50.00, but is specially discounted to $25.00 for Florida prisoners on this website. For any order to be delivered to an inmate in a Florida prison or jail, the price is $25.00. For orders addressed to nonprisoners, the cost is $50.00.

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