The Florida Postconviction Journal

The Florida Postconviction Journal (FPJ) is a quarterly(ish) newsletter published by Loren Rhoton, P.A.  It is the goal of the FPJ to provide relevant, timely and informative articles on matters relating to the field of postconviction law.  We strive to give inmates as much helpful information as we can so that all postconviction litigants can be properly armed with helpful legal authority and arguments for collateral attacks.  FPJ aims to empower and educate incarcerated persons about their legal rights.

The FPJ is provided free of charge to all inmates who request a subscription.  Others (non-inmates) who wish to subscribe can do so at the rate of $25.00 per year.  To add an inmate to the FPJ mailing list, simply email us a subscription request with the inmate’s name, D.C. number, and institution.  For non-inmates, a subscription can be purchased by mailing a check or money order, payable to Loren Rhoton, P.A., in the amount of $25.00 to:  Loren Rhoton, P.A., 412 E. Madison St., Suite 1111, Tampa, Florida, 33602.  Alternatively, a subscription for a non-inmate can be purchased here:
Purchasing Back-Issues of The Florida Postconviction Journal
The first seven issues of the FPJ are now consolidated in book form and can be purchased at Amazon.com or through our office.  

Praise from Inmates for the Florida Postconviction Journal

   “The Florida Postconviction Journal maintains reliable and trustworthy information and interpretations inmates can count on.  The new Postconviction Journal is much more than just helpful, it’s a must have, valuable and it’s priceless! Keep up the good work!”
                                                                              -Kevin, F.S.P.

	“I was offered the opportunity recently to read of copy of the Florida Postconviction Journal, which I found to be extremely interesting and well written – full of all kinds of valuable information.  Having spent nearly 30 years now as a prisoner in the FDOC, I’ve really come to appreciate publications such as yours, and all the hard work you and others like you do for the common men largely forgotten by society…”
											            -Peter, Blackwater River C.F.

	“I am currently incarcerated at F.C.I and became a certified law clerk.  I have enjoyed your publication, the Florida Postconviction Journal.  In every issue there is always something very helpful and worth researching.  As an incarcerated inmate, I want to express my gratitude for your dedication in bringing issues to light, as I am currently in the postconviction stages of my proceedings.”

						                                           -Ryan, Franklin C.I.

	“I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that I, and I am sure other prisoners, really appreciate your newsletter.  It is very informative and contains a wealth of legal knowledge, which tilts the scales of justice in a prisoner’s favor…Keep up the good work.”

						                                            -Jerry, F.S.P.

    “Your publication is greatly appreciated.  It is the last remaining source for legal news which affects prisoners.  Few who are fighting their case can divert valuable law library time to carefully examine every FLW or cases which may only affect them some time in the future.  Thank you very much for providing this valuable service.”

                                                                                -Richard, SFRC

        “I just wish to commend you on the wonderful work the members of FPJ are doing.  In this one issue I found grounds for my brief to the DCA and also information that will assist my son who’s facing a VOP.”

                                                                                -Donald, CFRC

       “Thank you Mr. Rhoton and Mr. Sydejko for all that you do for the Fla. inmate population. We sure could use more attorneys like the two of you.”

                                                                                -Michael, Taylor C.I.